Call for sponsors

Be part of MoodleMoot UK 2011

We just launched the sponsorship campaign for next year’s MoodleMoot (MootUK11). MoodleMoots are a way of getting members of the Moodle community together to share experience, learn new things about Moodle, and meet up face to face with their peers, as an extension of the virtual Moodle community on

In line with the growing popularity Moodle as the Open Source Virtual Learning Environment of choice around the globe, the UK MoodleMoot has grown six fold to around 300 delegates in 2010.

MoodleMootUK 2011 will be the perfect place to reach out and engage with this growing community, with over 300 people expected to attend.

If you are interested please take a look at the sponsorship opportunities available around MoodleMootUK 2011. We are offering variety of opportunities for your organisation to get involved, ranging from sponsorship of the pre-Moot Unconference, evening entertainment and exhibition opportunities to delegate hand-outs and inserts.

Moodle partners will have first refusal on all sponsorship opportunities listed and will receive a 10% discount on the prices quoted.

We hope that you will be able to be a part of MoodleMoot UK 2011, joining the ever growing Moodle community and engage first-hand with users and decision makers alike in what has been referred to as ‘most marvellous Moodle Moot in memory’.

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Pre-Moot developer Unconference

Since the announcement of MoodleMoot 2011 a couple of weeks ago I’ve been thinking about the pre-moot developer day. Based on the feedback from MoodleMoot 2010 delegates asked for a more tech/developer focused strand and as a result here we are – a 1 day developer focused Unconference on the Monday before the actual MoodleMoot 2011 conference!

So, what is an Unconference?

Wikipedia describes it “a facilitated, participant-driven conference centred on a theme or purpose”. We’re pretty happy with that description but I’d like to add a little more detail specific to the context of the day based on small discussions I’ve had over the past week.

We’re hoping to bring together about 100 developers who share a passion for development and specifically Moodle development. The day will be driven by the people who attend, the ideas they bring, the topics they wish to discuss – hopefully we will create a truly spontaneous conference.


Participants will ask questions, prompt discussion, solve problems, learn something, be experts, present and lark about at the bar at the end of the day. We’re hoping to attract a wide spectrum of Moodlers with a broad range of knowledge and varying levels of experience.


The Grid

It’s a tricky one, there will be 100 of us, so here is an initial suggestion ‘The Grid’. Sessions are not booked or organised ahead of schedule like an ordinary conference instead we will open up ‘The Grid’. One column for each room or area, one row for each time slot. When ‘The Grid’ opens you will be able to claim your slot on the grid by sticking up an index card with your session title and your name on. Everything will be provided for you in the morning so you will be ready when the grid opens.

We’re also hoping to run an ice breaker session, which could possibly occur before the event, details are yet to be finalised.

Its just the beginning…

Unconferences provide a dynamic way of enabling participants to engage in the discussions which matter most to them. You can explore new topics, open up partnerships and engage in collaborative problem solving on the day – leaving you ready to get the most out of the conference itself and ask some probing questions.

We welcome any suggestions, feedback or comments you have regarding the pre-moot!

Numbers will be limited so in the meantime follow us on Twitter and make sure you use the #mootuk11 hashtag when you tweet about the conference. Pre-registration is open so make sure you sign up so we can keep you informed.

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